Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night I had a nice dinner with four of my high school classmates. I haven't seen Ana for almost 31 years and it was really quite a heartwarming mini-reunion. She got married to her high school sweetheart and now have two grown-up kids, one just graduated from college, while the second one will finish in December.

Of course, with 30 years to catch up, the night was quite not enough for all five of us (Ana, Cristy, Beng, Eloy and I). We spent the night eating and later munching on different kinds of nuts that Ana generously gave us. We all wonder whatever happened to our other classmates and batchmates in high school, though we're thankful that with the wonders of technology now, many of us are able to join the yahoo group that was specifically established to update one another of whatever is happening in our current lives.

With only 24 hours a day given to us to raise kids, have a career, take care of our loved ones including our dear parents, it's a wonder that we all still look beautiful (ehem...). The years have been good to many of us, but regardless of our present status in life, it is still a wonderful thought for us to be able to establish contacts with all of our batchmates. Each one of us was part of a batch of young ones who all wore their dreams in their sleeves. Thirty one years ago, we started our journeys to college life with our dreams intact and our eyes open to all opportunities. No cellfones yet, no emails yet, no internet, no blogspots whatsoever, albeit a number of us did have landlines then (with party lines, ha, ha, ha). So I lost touch with many of them after high school.

But then, that's why the word "reminisce" exists - a mental expression retained and revived. It is our entitlement, it is our right, and it's always better to practice it with friends around. And most of all, it's for free.

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